Sunday, June 19, 2005

A return

Double meanings amuse me.

Um, Ba, The Accountant & I will be travelling to Viet Nam in December of this year. A few weeks ago, when I had leave approved from work, I was very excited. Now, as the routine of daily life wears me in, I have almost forgotten that we are going.

I have long wanted to return to Viet Nam - and it is very important that I return with my parents, but especially with my father. Ba is well enough and happy enough to go and to take us.

We will be staying with the remnants of Ba's family, one group of whom lives at Hang Bay 13 - the place of our first home.

The Accountant will use the opportunity to research more deeply our family history, to note down the links and the stories. And I? I will accompany her, and I hope the landscape will allow me to meditate on what and how I want this to be written, what it means to me and what I can do for it.

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