Thursday, June 01, 2006

X men (and women?)

Over the weekend I saw X-men: The Last Stand.

I am a huge fan of Hugh Jackman. Heck, I went and watched Kate & Leopold - and I am a huge anti-fan of Meg Ryan - all because of Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman has talent: he can sing and dance, and if he's directed well, he sure can act. He's chosen - or had chosen for him - some pretty awful movies (Kate & Leopold, some Dracula movie I can't remember the name of) and I've seen almost everything he's been in. I contemplated going to see "The Boy from Oz" because Hugh Jackman was in it. Lucky for me, the tickets were way too expensive. I'm sure I would lose what little coolness credibility I had ...
Other male actors whom I have weakness for
- and will watch almost any movie that said male actor is in -
David Wenham,
Daniel Day Lewis (where has he gone?)
and Brendan Fraser.
Yeah - go figure. Call me shallow if you will.
I can take it.
It was great to see, in X-men, many Asian actors playing multifarious (and nefarious) roles. I mean, if it's a movie about mutants, well, Asians qualify, right? Seriously, it was great to see the diversity of roles in the movie played by Asian actors, for whom their Asian-ness (Asianity?) was not central to their character. Just an Asian face being a reporter and another Asian face being a mutant. Ooh, and look - that's another Asian being a mutant. But that's okay because in this movie the mutants are like, way cool, man.

Now I do have a gripe:
where were all the women in the corridors and oval rooms of power?
Being the secretary and the reporter, that's where.

So, X-men producers. I see why you've named the movie (and comic and TV cartoon series) for just one gender.

You just can't win them all, can you?


Cee said...

Oh, what was that movie called? Ah, Van Helsing, that's right. Really, really awful, but unintentionally amusing as well, I found.

I'm looking forward enormously to the X-Men movie - which means I just need to get off my arse and head to a theatre to see it, really. Was it decent mindless fun? Are you the right age that you were an X-Men fan as a kid (and are therefore cross about them stuffing up all the proper storylines)?

OTT said...

that's it's name... blocked it out and couldn't be bothered looking, either. I disagree! Van Helsing was truly just awful.

X-men was excellent. Great fun, not entirely mindless and well scripted.

I am a little too old to have loved the series as a kid (you know, getting into early teenage years when you're too cool for anything your brother was into); so I have enough familiarity with the characters, but obviously not enough to be upset by the storyline - which I thought was actually very good (subject to some rather silly things).

Of course, I don't have any critical judgement with X-men. I never walk out of an X-men movie thinking: hmm, this was interesting, that was done well. All I think is: what mutant power would I have?

Cee said...

Yeah, I forgot how ancient you are ;-) I suspect I would have been a massive fan if I grew up with a TV, or access to comics, or something.

I always thought Rogue was totally ripped off. What a crap superpower. And Storm's weather thing never seemed like much fun either. I reckon I'd pick cool claws like Wolverine, or Mystique's shape-changing stuff. I always had a thing for blue skin.

laziicat said...

did you stay til after the credits finished? there was an extra scene. i missed it and am sorely tempted to go back now...

OTT said...

Cee - I'm so conflicted about what mutant power to have ...

Yes, Laziicat, I did.

I felt very gratified because I ALWAYS stay for credits. :-P (unless I really need to use the bathroom...)

Cee said...

I didn't stay after the credits, and had to do an awful lot of searching around until I found someone who actually described what happened afterwards. (Laziicat - if you're desperate to know, try here)

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