Friday, December 01, 2006

Meme of Brevity

Just because I can - not because anyone asked me to.

And anyway, being brief is a challenge for me.

One word answers only!

Yourself: Bemused
Your Partner: Polymath
Your hair: Disobedient
Your mother: Misunderstood
Your father: Stoic
Your favourite item: non-existent
Your dream last night: Involved
Your favourite drink: Water
Your dream car: None
Your dream home: Varying
The room you are in: Office
Your ex: Done
Your fear: Inertia
Where you want to be in ten years: Wherever
Who you hung out with last night: Partner
What you’re not: Manipulative
Muffins: No.
One of your wish list items: None
Time: 14.24
The last thing you did: Eat
What you are wearing: Clothes
Your favourite weather: Drizzle
Your favourite book: Many
Last thing you ate: Rice
Your life: Fine
Your mood: Uninspired
Your best friend(s): Busy
What are you thinking about right now: Home
Your car: Red
What are you doing at the moment: This
Your summer: Humid
Relationship status: Committed
What is on your tv: Antenna
What is the weather like: Blue
When is the last time you laughed: Recently

1 comment:

sume said...

lol @ disobedient hair

I have the same problem. It's getting so bad that I'm ready to send it off to bad hair-day bootcamp.

No muffins?! Ohhh, bad Oanh!

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