Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warning - Illustrations!

Just in case any of you have me on RSS: You may be bombarded with posts - I am transporting posts from my photo-blog to this one (and back-dating them), with the intention of binning the photo-blog.

All will calm down, eventually.

In case you aren't on my RSS and want to have a look at the old posts, you will find most success by using the 'Illustrated' tag, just over there, to your left.



Legal Eagle said...

I must send you a great photo I took when I was in Hanoi - it was a Communist party propaganda poster, and above it was a Fosters ad with a man in an Akubra wrestling a crocodile. Something about that just seems really incongruous.

OTT said...

Ooh! I would be most pleased to receive it. I love incongrous juxtapositions like that, although I do like to say that Viet Nam is the most capitalist communist country one could come across ...

I actually have a photo I would like to send you. It's of an eagle :-)

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