Saturday, July 21, 2007

Doubling Up

I have to own up. I have received some awards, for which I feel very flattered, and a little taken aback. Because I get taken aback, I try not to think about it. Then I get hit with the same award.

I am a rocking girl blogger.

I am totally chuffed.

Thank you to fellow rockers, Kirsty, from Galaxy of Emptiness, and Hong Lien, from The Lotus Life.

And, er, I have to own up to having received some other awards earlier on in the year when I was still struggling with getting internet connection, a job, a home, that sort of stuff.

I was so flattered and a wee bit flabbergasted by the award I, um, pretended I did not receive it.

That's not entirely true.

I just did not further publicise that I received the award(s).

I was amused, however, that both award givers said almost exactly the same thing about me: [paraphrasing], "Oanh doesn't post frequently, but when she does ..."

So, thank you, to Sume from Ethnically Incorrect - one of the very first kindred spirits I found on the web - and Legal Eagle - who unleashed my inner law nerd into the ether.

I'm going now before my feet twist into a knot, together with my ducking head and I disappear into my own inability to accept compliments.


Hedgehog said...

aye, i can see why you got that many awards. Your blog is definitely a joy to read, so keep up the good work :D

sume said...

All well-deserved and not nearly adequate in highlighting the quality of your posts or the brilliant mind behind the blog. ;)

Can I have my candy now? :P

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Congrats! And it's not quantity but quality that matters. :)

Oanh said...

Thanks Hedgehog and Wandering Chopsticks.

Sume, I did suspect it was all just a bribe ...

sume said...

Hehe, you know I meant every word. :P

But thanks for the watermelon. It's one of my favorites.

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