Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am a Nerd!

For a long time now, the tags list has been really bothering me. I much prefer a tag cloud. first introduced me to the wonders of tag clouds (gmail having already introduced me to tags) and Wordpress has a tag cloud function. It has been annoying me that Blogger doesn't. Annoying me so much that I contemplated switching blogging platform over to Wordpress. However, I am attached to Blogger and Google otherwise runs my life, so I could not quite make the leap.

Although I was an early uptaker of e-mail and all things internetty, I sort of plateaued. I never learned any html (I cut and paste from other sites). Then I got my partner. When computery-type things go wrong, I plaintively say his name, elongating his single syllable into two. If things are really bad, I use three. Sporadically, and without much commitment, I google to find simplistic me a tag cloud maker. As you can see, just over there to your left, I have finally been successful.

Should you also wish to make a tag cloud and have otherwise not done so, here is the link.

I was so happy with the result, I thought I would make a thank you comment. So I surfed my way over to the original post. Plenty more people have been there before me, with their two cents: 370 of them. Mine seems pitiful, and possibly bothersome, so I haven't commented. Here, and this, seems a better forum to thank the tag cloud maker.

Phydeaux3, should you ever find your way here: Thank you. The list was really ugly. I like the cloud much better.

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Sallycat said...

Very pretty tag cloud!

Hedgehog said...

hi, I've just tagged you in the '8 random things' post. If you're not too bored with meme then I'd love to see an '8 random things' post about yourself

n.t said...


i made my tag cloud when i moved to the new blogger. i've no html skills and it was so hard to find an easy 'make your tag cloud' site then because widgets were new. but i figured it out after a lot of googling and hit and miss.

i like your tag cloud very much. =)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I just did it and condensed my hellishly long list. It's still long, but not nearly as bad as before. :)

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