Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bullets of Spring

  • When ever I read another blogger's bullets, the They Might Be Giant's song, Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love, starts running through my head. Specifically (Freudian?) this bit runs through my head:-

Bullets from a gun

Bullets through the atmosphere

Here they come

John, I've been bad

And they're coming after me

Done someone wrong

And I fear that it was me

Sapphire bullets

Bullets of pure love

  • Actually, that's pretty much the entirety of the song.

  • It is spring! There are yellow daffodils and purple and white crocuses everywhere. Blackthorn is out, magnolias are budding and the robins, with their proud orange chests, are back.

  • Even though it is spring, it is still bitterly (according to me) cold. It still looks like winter outside my office window becuase the sawn off tree has no buds and the tree beside it looks like whoever waters it has been doing a rather poor job.

  • Our herbs on the kitchen windowsill are, however, very pleased to greet spring. My oregano leaves are almost a centimetre in diameter, the mint is growing new shoots everywhere and my laxoleaf's leaves are the biggest I have ever seen them. My Hungarian black chilli also has lots of new, pretty purple flowers.

  • I am trying to ascertain the effects of Bokashi juice on my herbs. They've been watered with Bokashi juice twice in the last three weeks. Unfortunately, the watering coincided with the arrival of (ever-so-slightly) warmer weather and sun, so I don't know to what I should attribute the enthusiastic growth.

  • I'm inlcined to attribute it to the Bokashi juice, except that I know the herbs did this last year too, sans juice.

  • The Bokashi is otherwise going swimmingly, thanks for asking. We have almost filled our first bucket, and will need to move onto the next one.

  • It only took us three weeks to fill our bucket. We are obviously not your average family. My partner hypothesises that our accelerated filling of the bucket is because we prepare almost all of our meals from scratch (i.e. no pre-packaged stuff). I think it is because we are greedy and eat too much.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

The only They Might Be Giants song I know is Istanbul, not Constantinople. Hmm.

Winter, not spring.
Now it's spring, not winter.
Been a long time gone winter.
Now it's daffodils delight on a sunny day.

Why they changed it, I can't say.
People just liked it better that way. :)

Oanh said...

I like that :-)

I know rather too many They Might be Giants songs. They are very silly, which is why I love them.

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