Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Year!

I do not make public New Year's resolutions. I make private promises to myself. This year, I'm going public.

A friend informed me that a former boss "found" my piece in Growing Up Asian in Australia, so she directed him (with my permission) to this blog.

(Hi - you know who you are Former Boss - if you're reading this now. No need to say 'hi' back...)

I spent some hours re-reading past posts and am a little saddened that so many of my earlier posts read so much better than my recent posts. They seem more thoughtful, more insightful, more thinking (which I think is different to thoughtful). I need to re-capture them.

So that's Resolution Number One: Write More and Write Better
(Although I'll be happy with the 'more' bit and will leave the 'better' bit to fall into place. If there's a lot of chaff, eventually there's wheat, right?)

I've not really got off to a good start, but I'm a battler and I ain't giving up.

Resolution Number Two is a bit mundane: Sleep at Regular Times on a Weeknight.

Which leads nicely to Resolution Number Three: Arrive at Work around 8.30am.

I've been doing very poorly on both these fronts but that's gonna change, I swear.

Resolution Number Four: this year, REALLY, is the year I Wear Contact Lenses. This has been my New Year's resolution (even though I say I don't make them, I LIE) for the last, hmm, 5 years or thereabouts. Seriously, 2009 is the year. I'll update you on that one.

chuc mung nam moi, friends.


Anonymous said...

And Happy New Year to you, Oanh! So what is it that keep you up during weeknights? Blogging? Just kidding.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Why must you wear contacts every day?

old lbw said...

i'm with you re: resolution 2. i'm trying to be more zen this year.

Oanh said...

Nikkipolani -

I really did LOL at your comment.

Just life keeps me awake: cooking dinner, eating dinner, doing the dishes. If I spend any time on the net or computer at all, I'm up to the wee hours. Perhaps, once or twice, I stay awake to finish a novel. Bad idea, really.

WC -

Not every day. Just more often, and working towards frequent rather than rare. Supposedly better for my eyes, which are in serious deterioration, per my optometrist.

Old LBW -

new blog :-D

I'm just aiming for 'not grumpy at work'. My work mates will love me for it.

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