Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I've been silent awhile.

It's because of a number of things:-

1. Life's busy.
2. I did not have access to a computer at home.
3. I got a new lap top as a present! I had to play with my new lap top. I am a new recruit to all things internet-ty and downloading software took so much time. Plus I had to figure out how it all worked!
4. I've been thinking a lot about the skill that is blogging - purpose, content. I've read great blogs about blogging as well as had an excellent conversation with an old, anti-technology / digital age friend about blogging and digital personas. I had to think for a long time before I could blog again.
5. Having a lap top means that I can now write, and save, my material without recourse to saving it on the internet.
6. I started thinking about the purpose of my blogging again. Internal monologues are great, but nobody else hears them. So I started reading more blogs and that caused further internal argument. I was so right so often, and also so wrong, usually more often. I can't stand me when I won't back down from a position.
7. I felt guilty that I had not posted. Then I felt angry that I felt guilty. So I didn't post *on purpose* just to show me that I could not post and I'd be okay with that. And lo, I was.

Clearly, I have somewhat altered the purpose of this blog, by mere fact of this post. Who knows what it will bring.

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Cee said...

Wee! I look forward to what this change in purpose will bring.

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