Friday, February 10, 2006

Viet Nam Airlines

Viet Nam airlines were not the terrible airline that most people suggested to me they were. We flew internally twice and both times the flights were delayed with little explanation - but a delay is not a hiccup that makes me consider an airline to be avoided at all costs. Efficiency, though worthwhile, is not the highest value that I can attribute to airlines.

I'm undecided about what is. It probably depends upon the reason I am flying. The ability to stay up, without too much rocking about, seems like a pretty good start. Cleanliness and friendly staff are also up there.

But I was amused by the food.

My sister took these photos, with her eensy teensy camera. I don't think 'amused' described my sister's reaction to the food. Sure, there was a level of humour. But the way she picked up this poor roll, doing it's best to be appetising, turned it over and put it down again could be better described as disdain. I ate the roll. It filled a roll-sized hole in my belly.

What I did not find amusing was the mid-teen caucasian North American girl who said to her father, loudly and in disgust - "Tell them to move their feet. They stink." Her father, obligingly, did not tell 'them' anything. He called a hostess over and told her to tell them to move their feet. The offending feet belonged to locals travelling. I wondered whether it was just too much for the mid-teen to turn around and attempt to communicate that she did not want the feet on her arm-rest. I'm sure there are appropriate gestures. She could have even indicated that the smell was not to her liking - surely pinching the nose is a universal gesture? Who knows, the locals may have spoken English.

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