Saturday, April 22, 2006


I've posted something here that probably really belongs here.

Once I'm done posting pictures from Viet Nam, I'm sure I'll have my genres cleaned.

And anyway, I don't want to put pictures on this blog. It doesn't have the excellent black background that frames photos so nicely. Yes, my aesthetics are boring.


sume said...

Love the photo! The composition really wonderful.

My Lai?! Oh, ignorant one, do you know what it is you ask? I'm forever stuck on some mental level in the Viet Nam of the 1970's. I've yet to discover the Vietnam of today. When people tell me that it's my history, nothing clicks. Something should click.

Did you ever read Bao Phi's poem about My Lai?

OTT said...


Thank you for directing me to Bao Phi. I've read his My Lai poem and will spend some time over the weekend to read more of his work.

I don't see why something of Viet Nam should 'click' with you - why is it your history? Only because you were born there? Only because your features are Vietnamese (if they are)? Saying that Viet Nam is your history is another way of saying - you don't belong here. Here isn't your history.

It's unfair and wrong!

sume said...

Bao is one of my favorites. He just did a documentary which I think is linked on his site.

I guess that just goes to show you how right you were about people seeing others one dimensionally. From what people have told me, I look typically Vietnamese those some have told me I look closer to Chinese (and I don't mean the morons who think all Asians look Chinese).

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