Sunday, April 09, 2006

Officially a dolt

Oh my goodness.

I had no idea that people were commenting on my blog. I thought I truly had this blogging thing sussed - and now look!

I mean, I just turned comment moderation on because I got a comment about visiting some site and making money. Yes, what a brilliant idea - and then I deleted it - and went looking for ways to spam-proof my precious blog.

I always did wonder how comment moderation worked ...

So I am figuratively slapping my forehead and nervously giggling in embarassment.

thanks, Cee - for pointing it out. It's good to have another blogger in real life who can tell me when I am an internet idiot.

And thank you, Sume and Ji-in, for your encouraging thoughts.

Laziicat - stop being lazy. I want your thoughts too.

See y'all out there in the ether.


laziicat said...

and i thought you didnt like my comment so chose not to 'publish' it!! harhahrhar

OTT said...

Laziicat - not mean, just stupid :-)

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