Saturday, May 27, 2006

Random List of Ten

Inspired by:- Ji'ins Simple Things and Jaye's Creature Comforts

Numero Uno

I love lists. That's my number one. At work I have 'to do lists', written on the backs of misprinted papers that have no confidential information on them (in case I want to take my to do lists home with me). I love other people's lists, reading lists (ie lists of things to read, not just the act of running my eye and half my mind over a list), music lists, how-to lists, things you must do before you die lists, movie lists; and the list goes on.

Second guess -

Coffee. Must have coffee. Strong, black. I turn my nose up at milk and sugar. I turn my nose up at instant. I'd rather have a splitting headache and be the grumpiest, snappiest soul ever than descend on instant. I am coffee snob, watch me twitch.

Third time lucky:-

Cleaning. Yes, I am a warped woman. It is so satisfying to scrape away at dirt and grime to reveal bright white tiles or sparkling polished floors, to cleanse the dishes of well-eaten meals and to sweep the debris of a week at work.


Randomly bizarre objects with no practical purpose. Like dancing green man. You put him in the sun and he dances. Woe, he is not mine. He belongs to my best friend in the whole wide world. Especially since she got green man. She's my bestest friend ever.

Take Five:

Music. Not the most knowledgeable of music devotees, I nevertheless have music on almost all the time. My taste is varied and will probably surprise people. It ranges from country to jazz, 'trip-hop' to ballads, corny to cutting edge. Me and my mP3, we go places and I resist the urge to boogie at street lights.

Sixth Sense -

Projects - I plan and dream and tell the world. Rarely do I start. Current project is to scrap book my trip to Viet Nam - that was seven months ago now. I've talked about it a lot. And that's almost like doing it.

Seventh Heaven -

In the mornings, at my house, different objects reflect the sun that comes in through the slats in our blinds onto our one vast blank wall. Glorious patterns of light play and it is as if we have ART on that wall. It really is.

Behind the Eight Ball -

I am slow at reading up on all the blogs that I enjoy. I try not to at work, although sometimes I just can't help myself - usually when there's a really big proof-reading assignment to complete - I will just have a wee look around my unique blog world. An hour later and I am slapping my forehead for not lugging into the debate on time. Two hours later and I am trying to work out how to swing a freelance blog-commenting and writing career, while my mind is spinning away with its ideas. Three hours and no more billable units later, I am back to stressing about my paid work. I actually really like being able to muse, at my leisure, on such disparate topics and people. Now, how to do that and my paid work ...

Nine Lives -

My jars of different teas - sen cha green, gunpowder green, Laos tea de vert, mate, peppermint, ginseng, chai, chamomile, jasmine - neatly arrayed on my kitchen shelf. Domestic bliss, here I am.

Ten = the End

Sleeping in on a wintry morn. I bury under the doona, with a little grumble, and pretend that I don't have to be anywhere else.

And then I need to use the bathroom.

Life's just here to get me down.

You want to tell me some random things about you?

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